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Celebrating ten years of operation, we have successfully mentored over 300 brokers. With the recent addition of our established Brokers Business Elite Coaching Program, we are aiming to raise the bar. We strive to ensure new brokers are professional, disciplined and equipped with the optimum skillset to build a prosperous and resilient broking company. Additionally, we provide established brokers with access to the best resources to grow and adapt their business within a rapidly changing financial landscape.

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Licensed industry leading online program mentoring

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Keynote speakers raising the bar and supporting women in finance

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Highest Retention Rates for New to Industry Brokers

More Award Winning Brokers than any other program

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Natalie Sheehan

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Our Programs in Detail

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Educational Workshops

• Online modules
• Group Workshops
• One on One support
• Community • Business building skills
• Prospecting
• Marketing & Lead generation
• Structured Business Growth
• Outsourcing

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Networking and Upskilling

• Connecting brokers to Providers
• Funder, Fintech, SP
• Workshops
• Skills
• Masterclasses
• Elite Broker Program
• Coaching
• Accountability


I was mentored by Therese for the last 2 years and would not have successfully completed the program without her. She is undoubtedly one of the best in this industry. I have spent over 25 years in corporate and have never seen anyone like her. She is full of life, energy, happy and most important of all, wants to see all her mentees successful.

I would highly recommend any new brokers to her for mentoring.

Best Regards,

Michael Ly, Finance & Mortgage Broker

Buyer’s Choice

I am delighted to provide this Testimonial for Therese O’Neill of More Than Mentoring who is undoubtedly one of the best mentors in the mortgage broking and finance industry.

The Missing Link between a Promising Business Man and a Successful Business Man is often a Good MENTOR.”

My Name is Bernard Desmond I am the Director of Feedback Finance I operate my business under the Loan Market Franchise in Melbourne and Therese O’Neill is my Mentor. My association with Therese started when I was looking at leaving the bank and starting my own mortgage broking business during this process I did meet a lot of mentors and from my first meeting with Therese I knew this was the mentor that I wanted to be trained under. Therese Inspires, Leads & motivates her mentees to success. Her coaching and mentoring method is a tried and tested system which is built from over 20 years of experience of her being in the industry. What sets Therese and her business apart from its competition is that Therese has herself been a Broker, a lender BDM and a successful entrepreneur these are experiences that she is able to share with all her mentees and guide them to excel in their business. Therese is extremely passionate about helping others succeed and grow in their business and she does not hesitate to share all of her ideas and experiences with all her mentees. Her Energy is infectious and simply talking to her on any topic will inspire and motivate anybody. I wouldn’t have got the start I received in the industry without the guidance of Therese. I have just completed 90 days in the business and have lodged over 14 million in new submission and settled over 5.2million. Therese has been instrumental in helping me deliver these numbers she has not only taken my call after hours when I needed some guidance with scenarios, she has worked along with me on files on a weekend and helped me delivery an exceptional service to my clients. I sincerely owe my success to my mentor who has at times pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and do things differently which has produced results. More Than Mentoring under the leadership of Therese is doing an amazing job in supporting new to industry brokers and helping them build a business

. Yours Sincerely,

Bernard Desmond, Loan Market

Therese in One Word “Infectious”. She in infectious because the energy she has at any time in the day. No matter how low I was whenever I spoke to her either person or over the phone I have left the conversation with a positive feeling. Her advice on how to handle difficult situations and scenarios are practical and easy to follow. Even though she has been my mentor for only 6 months. I can see the difference in myself before and after.

I first met Therese in July Last year after which I met few more people who have said about mentorship. However, I have never felt comfortable with any of the others as I was with Therese. I have seen very few people who really really love what they do Therese is one of them. Her Commitment to make a difference to all new entrants is outstanding.

I am lucky to have chosen Therese as my mentor.

Prasanth Kota, Calibre Loans

When I began conversations about joining the mortgage and finance broking industry I knew the type of quality person I wanted to work with as my mentor. The right fit for me was someone who is personable, driven, charismatic, experienced, passionate, genuine and someone who was willing to partner with me on my exciting journey ahead. I can happily say Therese has every one of these characteristics plus more. At the time I was entering the industry my personal circumstances were challenging and as I laid all my cards on the table I knew at our initial meeting Therese was the right mentor for me.

Therese’s attitude to life, family and business is inspiring.

From the initial stages of Therese’s mentor program there was a key message: to be a successful mortgage broker I had to learn the right behaviours and master the end to end compliance process – learn and respect the why, not just the how.

The time and effort Therese has put into me has been relentless, her perseverance immeasurable. Like most human beings my confidence has waivered at times on my journey and Therese support always helped me get back on track.

“Nothing is impossible, attitude is everything” is a motto that best describes Therese.

We’ve often had one on one sessions at the office after business hours on Tuesday and Friday nights and on Saturday mornings too. When I think back over the journey so far the endless support and guidance Therese continues to provide is quite astonishing.

After a short period in the industry I’m now writing deals consistently, helping people get ahead and delivering the best home loan solutions for my clients. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for Therese.

I’m proud to call Therese O’Neill my mentor and friend.


Luke Cieslak, Hype Financial

I joined the Mortgage & Finance Industry as a Broker back in 2015 after leaving the ANZ Bank.

After doing a countless amount of research, I chose Therese and the Team at More Than Mentoring to steer me through my first 2 years.

Therese is a wonderful role model. She is highly intelligent and full of energy. She is always available to help and has endless connections in the banking and finance industry. These Industry Experts are always available to help and assist a new Mortgage Broker because of the respect and esteem they hold Therese in. Without her reputation and connections, I would not have been able to tap into the talent pool that enabled me to succeed so early in my new career.

Therese is continually innovating her Mentoring Program to make certain that her Mentees succeed and become great, professional Brokers.

I cannot recommend her more highly as a Mentor. Indeed, almost a year after my initial 2-year mentoring tenure finished with Therese and the Team, I remain an Alumni member and stay in regular contact, often reaching out still for their continued encouragement, support and friendship.

Yours most sincerely,

Michael Sion
Mortgage Broker & Director BASE FINANCE

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