Why do I need a Mentor?

More than Mentoring Group

If you’ve had no previous experience but completed your studies and are ready to start practicing as a licensed Mortgage & Finance Broker then have the right Mentor alongside to guide and support you in your early days can prove immensely beneficial.

Someone experience to explain what really matters, what to do next? What Lenders should I look at? What loan structure is best? Should they fix a portion or not? What marketing works best?

Should I pay for leads?

Like most Brokers, you are most likely going to become a commission dependent Mortgage & Finance Broker. You may even be building your own small business/Broking Practice for the first time?

A Mentor will also help and support you in building your business by honing your business sales & marketing skills, specific to the Finance Industry.

You need a Mentor to check in with regularly, to discuss your business, your goals, your loans and your progress.

Mentors exist in the industry today because the Mentor-Assisted Pathway first introduced in the mid-2000s have proven to be incomparably more successful than the unassisted Pathway that existed since the industry first started in the early 1990s.

Today, under a Mentor-Assisted Pathway, the Industry enjoys:

  • Better quality, better dedicated new entrant talent
  • A higher success rate
  • Higher productivity rates per Broker
  • Improved behaviours driving a longer-term perspective/outlook of the Industry
  • Market share fast approaching 60% of all new home lending business in Australia

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